Sanchez Adobe House

Did you know your children could grind corn with stones, make candles, lasso a cow while riding a horse, and make adobe bricks? They did all this and more today at Sanchez Adobe.  I think they would have been very successful during the Mexican rancho period!

Today the learners had the opportunity to experience living history at the Sanchez Adobe Historic Site. It has been an Ohlone village, a Mission farm, a cattle ranch (rancho), the home of Francisco Sanchez, a home for General Edward Kirkpatrick, the Hotel San Pedro, a speakeasy, and an artichoke farm! The learners heard about the history from the docent, Becky, as well as by short video and information posted in the small museum.

Life on the rancho required hard work!  Everything was made by hand.  The learners experienced a taste of rancho life today.  Led by our chaperones, the learners waded through a mud pit to make adobe bricks, sat on a saddle to rope a steer, ground corn, and made homemade candles among other things. It was a messy, but busy and fun day! Ask them about their favorite activities.

Thank you to all the volunteers for chaperoning this fantastic trip.  The chaperones went above and beyond the call of duty today, clearing water out of the mud pit so our learners could make adobe. Pictures are available for download here:



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