Diggins at CODS

We’re back from the gold fields, tired, dirty, filled with perseverance and richer than when we left! Today, we took care of our school environment by cleaning the SCCLC campus. One of our greatest lessons learned at CODS was our impact on our environment.

All our learners started out as “greenhorns” and ended as “sourdoughs,” (i.e. experienced miners)!  You can ask your children about the hike, James Marshall, John Sutter, The Monroes, John Murphy, different types of trees, the solo hike or silent hike, the professor walk, the environmental effect of the gold rush, discrimination during the gold rush, mining towns, their bandanas (a.k.a… bananas), Kimberly Shining Star, the cabins, the meals, making cornbread, buying ingredients for the bread at the store, making a shelter, songs they know, friends they made, and their gold pouch and vile.  We did so much!  It was a wonderfully successful trip all around.

The 3/4 educators would like to thank everyone who put forth such an amazing effort to pull this trip together.  We appreciate each and every one of the “stagecoach” drivers for taking many hours of their busy schedules to drive a group of excited miners up and/or back from Coloma.  We also appreciate the overnight chaperones who not only drove their “stagecoaches” both ways, but stayed and worked HARD to keep their group of miners safe and took few breaks along the way.  We’d like to thank Janet McCrea for doing so much work to organize and plan this trip.  Finally, we appreciate each and every one of your families for preparing your miner for this journey by turning in paperwork before the trip and helping your child pack warm clothes and other important items for this exciting adventure.  You are a devoted crew and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Prints, uploading and downloading available here: https://clcroom23.shutterfly.com



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