Writer’s Workshop: Crafting True Stories

We have been very busy working on our first writing unit: Crafting True Narrative Stories. We began our writing process by brainstorming ideas. We thought of people and places that are important to us to help spark ideas. You’ll notice from the images below, that each anchor chart has several colored strategies under a big idea or step in the writing process. Each of these strategies is a mini-lesson taught in the first 15 minutes in class, then practiced independently or in a small group. During independent practice or group work, I focus my time meeting one on one or in small groups to help differentiate learning based on each learner’s goals. Please take a moment to look at each of the strategies and talk to your learner about the story they have been working on. You’ll notice one of the strategies we have been working on is rehearsing the story orally MANY times to get help from partners, practice different leads, add more storyteller voice or action. This could be a fun connection for you to try at home.


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